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Uncle Scrooge #69 (1967), “The Cattle King” by Carl Barks


Pete Townshend

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7 dangerous myths about women who wear hijabs

The hijab is not the most important part of being a Muslim woman, but it is certainly the most visible. In a time when Islamophobia only seems to be on the rise in the West, a practice that is so personal and diverse has become a warped and misunderstood part of a flat and monolithic picture of Muslim women.

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That’s riiiight

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Overlooking Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, 1956 by David Boyer (via)

Jimmy Page, photographed by Jan Persson, performing in TV studio in Copenhagen in March 1969.


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Question: “Would you like to walk down the street without being recognized?”

John Lennon: “We used to do this with no money in our pockets, there`s no point in it.” -John

“We didn’t all get into music for a job! We got into music to avoid a job, in truth - and get lots of girls.” —Paul

"We’re trying to impress ourselves in a way. That’s why we keep trying to do things better… we never get satisfied." —-George

"I’ve never really done anything to create what has happened. It creates itself. I’m here because it happened. But I didn’t do anything to make it happen apart from saying ‘Yes’" -Ringo

"I’ll say it again: I love being in a band, I love playing with other human beings. I’ve never practiced drums unless there was another human being in the room. If you could play, I’d play with you all night. But if I’m just playing by myself, it gets boring pretty quick." -Ringo


watching Wingspan and having major OTP feels ;_;